Meet my Tribe – A tribe called bliss

Meet my Tribe – A tribe called bliss

I already talked about the importance of choosing your Tribe wisely in the post about the 24 lessons I learned in 24 years. I don’t have many friends, and even fewer close friends, that truly know me, my story, my struggles, and with who I can unapologetically be myself.

                But about 10 months ago, I got to know two incredible bad-ass women that are strong, inspiring and kind, and that have been my roc through the past few months, let me introduce you to Alba and Krystyna.

How it all started

                It all started while listening to Episode 072 of the Highest Self Podcast with Sahara Rose and Lori Harder. This episode is all about finding your tribe, women that you support and that support you, with who you can be 100% yourself and share everything with, and is based on Lori Harder’s book, A tribe called Bliss.

So we were all part of the Facebook group related to the podcast and decided to create our own tribe. We didn’t know each other but directly during our first meeting, we realized we had so much in common: we are expats, we are all vegetarian or vegan, we don’t drink, we love traveling, etc. We couldn’t be a better match!

What a Bliss Tribe is and how it works

                So basically, a Bliss tribe is a group of 3 to 4 amazing like-minded women, that have enough of small talks and want real and deep connection.

                We meet every 2 weeks for one hour. Every time, each one has a specific goal: the tribe leader that will time the others, the space creator that will say a sort of little prayer at the beginning of the meeting, and another one that is just chilling for this meeting and that is usually the first to talk. The roles change at every meeting. Each of us as a certain amount of time to talk (for us it is 18 minutes) and the tribe leader is here to remind you when your time is almost over.

During these 18 minutes, you are the only one talking and the others are only listening. These 18 minutes are yours. We start every meeting by saying what we are grateful for and what we are excited for, and then we discuss one of the chapters of Lori’s book. For New Year, we decided to use Melissa Ambrosini’s 2018 wrap up and 2019 set up that I published here to set our goals and intentions for this new year to come. In this way, we can all talk about the same topic and share our own experience, and it really helps everyone to see things from a different perspective.

Time is really important, as we all have a life and a busy schedule, and we don’t want it to become too time-consuming. Also, timing each other is a great way to stay equal, and not having one person talking the whole time while the other ones are listening. In this tribe, we get to equally share and listen, and this is such a relief to know that we are all holding space for each other. Sometimes 18 minutes will feel so short, and sometimes a bit long, depending on how we resonate with the chapter.

We always meet the same day at the same time (usually on Sunday morning), but if for whatever reason, one of us can’t attend the meeting, we will try to find a way to reschedule it, because it has become such an important part of our lives and we are looking forward to seeing each other again.

Finding a tribe of like-minded people

                You know, sometimes I am a bit woo-woo, I am interested in everything personal growth and spirituality, I do yoga, and I don’t have many friends I can share this part of me with. But with these two queens, I can talk about manifestation, the Universe, tuning to my intuition, and no one will look at me like “What the f*** are you talking about?”, because we speak the same language.

                During the past few months, I feel like I grew and learned so much. By sharing our experience on the same topic, we can really learn from each other, and these two girls really inspired me to be a better version of myself and keep me accountable.

                I am forever grateful that my path crossed one of these two beautiful souls. I am always amazed to see how many things we have in common even if we all have a different personality and are all so unique.

                At the time I am writing these lines, we never met in person, but this is definitely in our projects, hopefully for this summer. Even if we always met through a screen, I feel like I knew them for ages, and they probably learned more about myself within a few months than many people I know for years.

                Krystina, Alba, I can’t say how much you mean to me, how much I am grateful for our Tribe and how much I love you. I can’t wait to meet you for real and I am really looking forward to seeing what’s next!

If you want to start your own Tribe, I would recommend you to purchase your own A Tribe called Bliss book and to think about one or two women that you would really like to connect with. It can be this girl you meet every week at your yoga class and really get along with but doesn’t really know how to invite outside of the studio, or this other girl that you follow on Instagram and that inspire you so much. Don’t be afraid and reach out to them! The book will also give you several tools to help you find your soul sisters and create the tribe of your dreams.

And you, do you have a tribe of fabulous women? Would you like to have one? What is holding you back for doing it? Let me know in the comment section!


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