My good addresses in Romania

My good addresses in Romania

Visiting a place with a local is the best way to discover these little gems that can’t be found in all tourist guides, and that allow you to touch the authenticity of a place. A restaurant of traditional cuisine, a café with a cozy atmosphere, a well-hidden Museum, all these small addresses that make you soak up the atmosphere and the originality of a city while traveling, I wanted to share them with you for, if you are not already convinced by my previous article, to make you want to visit this beautiful country that is Romania.


Hanu ‘ Lui Manuc

                Hanu ‘ he Manuc was, in the nineteenth century, a caravanserai, which welcomed the merchants from all over the country. Despite the successive renovations, the building kept its original structure, with its finely crafted wooden details. Today, the building houses one of the best restaurants in the capital, but also a bar and shops.

                You can enjoy refined and typically Romanian cuisine, such as the Mamaliga cu Branza si smantana which is traditionally a shepherd’s dish, made of polenta with sour cream and cheese. You also find a lot of traditional dishes made of meat because, I’m not going to lie, the Romanian gastronomy is not really vegan-friendly, but you’ll always find something to eat, especially in the starters. Also don’t miss their Papanasi, which are kind of donuts with sour cream and jam. Delicious!

Did I also mention that Romanian cuisine is not very “diet-friendly”? It’s your cholesterol that’s going to be happy! But it doesn’t matter, when you love, you don’t count (calories)! Like a lot of things in Romania, everything is pretty affordable.

Several times a week, you can attend performances of traditional Romanian music and dances, to immerse yourself a little more in the culture of this beautiful country, but a reservation might be necessary!

Hanu ‘ Lui Manuc
cStrada Franceză, Nr. 62-64

Caru ‘ Cu Bere

               In the heart of old Bucharest, the restaurant Caru ‘ cu Bere is a feast for the eyes and for the taste buds. With its dark wood walls, colorful stained glass windows, and painted ceilings, you’ll have the impression to go back in time.

               Again, the menu is varied and vegetarians people like me will have quite some choice, as with the Tocăniţă de hribin, a mushroom stew served with vegetables and polenta. Polenta is a staple in Romania, and you will find it as a side with many typical dishes. You will also find all sorts of sausages, very appreciated (for obvious reasons, I passed my turn).

It is a famous address in Bucharest, and several times a week, the restaurant offers senior and student menus for only 15 Lei!

                Here too, you can regularly attend traditional dance performances.

Caru ‘ cu Bere
Stravopoleos 5

Caru ‘ cu Bere


For dessert, we leave Romania for Italy with the Cremeria Emilia. This ice-cream maker, opened until late at night will reopen your appetite even after a hearty meal.

To be totally honest, this is the best ice cream I ever ate, and my heart goes to the “Siciliana”, with almond flakes. You can also choose a big selection of other desserts in the form of verrines, all more delicious than the others!

In short, this address is the paradise for foodies!

Cremeria Emilia
Strada Franceză 42

Camera Din fața

Camera DIN față

Camera Din fata is a lovely little tea salon, decorated like an old apothecary shop, with jars full of scented teas from the floor to the ceiling. Here you have a very wide choice of tea of course, that you can enjoy with one of their delicious pastries.

                The location is quite small, so I recommend you to book even an hour in advance, to be sure to have a table.

Camera Din față
Strada D. I. Mendeleev 22


Dianei 4

               From the street, nothing would let you know that this house that looks as banal as the other buildings around, houses one of the hippest cafes in Bucharest. For the little story, in the years 1990, the building was the headquarters of the Romanian foreign secret service.

               Here you will find modern and trendy cuisine, a large bar, and a nice selection of coffees and hot beverages. In Bucharest, there is a real culture of the coffee. On the street, everyone has a cup in the hand, but not from Starbucks or other big American brands. No, here you can find small cafés at every corner, on site or take away.

               I really like this place, its falsely dilated walls full of mystery and history and its healthy cuisine with a lot of vegetarian dishes.

Dianei 4
Strada Dianei 4 (Yes, their name is their address)

Dianei 4


NOLA coffeeshop

NOLA coffeeshop is a tiny café located in a quiet little street in Brasov. The décor is nice and simple, and their Matcha latte is very good!

NOLA coffeeshop
Strada Hans Benkner Nr. 6

Strada Sforii Muzeu

               Near the Strada Sforii, the famous Strings Street, one of the narrowest streets of the world that I already mentioned in my first article about Romania, is the Museum of the same name.

               It is a free Museum, which showcases local street artists. There is also a café and a small souvenir shop.

Strada Sforii Muzeu
Strada Cerbului 13


The International Café

               The international café is located in the main square of the Citadel of Sighisoara. You can sit on the spacious terrace to enjoy the sun and watch locals and tourists go about their everyday activities.

                You can taste cakes and pastries, but also salads or even sandwiches for a few Lei.

               In the basement, you will find a nice Romanian handicraft shop.

International Café
Piața Cetății Nr 8

International café

           A big thank you to my friend Elena for sharing with me all her good addresses in Bucharest. For the rest, just walk and get lost in the streets will allow you to fall on these little nuggets.

So what are you waiting for to go to Romania?


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