My 5 favorite bars in Rotterdam

When I arrived in Rotterdam 3 months ago, I applied in many (MANY) cool restaurants and bars. So I now have a long list of places where we can have good food and drinks that I want to show you!

So we start with my, totally subjective top 5, of the best bars in Rotterdam, tested and approved by myself and my friends on various occasions.


Let’s start with my favorite bar, Stalles. It is located in my favorite neighborhood, close to all amenities (other bars, metro, ATM, coffee shops). Here, many regulars, who come to enjoy a beer or a whisky among their wide selection (174 whiskies and 105 different beers!), play pool, and most of all, enjoy a pizza! In fact, the bar serves a few snacks (the Kaassouflés<3), but also pretty nice pizzas for about 6€. The staff is friendly and the service fast. So if you are looking for a cosy atmosphere to spend an evening with friends and dinner for cheap, go to Stalles!


Beer: between €3 and €6.60

Whisky: Around €5

Soft: Around €3


Nieuwe Binnenweg 11a, 3014 GA Rotterdam


There are two Thoms, very close to each other, but I will tell you more specifically about the second one, more recent, which is also a brewery. Located right next to the Rotterdam Museum, Thoms has huge glazed doors, industrial furnitures, with apparent pipes and large high tables, perfect for a large gathering. Again, the area is very nice, right in the center, just next to the town hall. It is also possible to order food.

What I like about this bar is the decor and the brewery atmosphere, with the apparent vats. And there are even special tables with the integrated beer dispenser, directly connected to the vats of the brewery (what I discovered writing this article and that I will try as soon as possible)!


Beer: Around €6 the pint

Soft: Around €3


Raamplein, 3011DL Rotterdam


Bokaal is a particularly nice beer bar in summer with its huge terrace. Located in my other favorite area of Rotterdam, just behind the Markthal, Bokaal is in the middle of a courtyard with other bars and restaurants, and it gives a very nice atmosphere. Special mention for the swing. Bokaal also serves food, and their fries are really good!


Beer: Around €5 la Pinte

Soft: €3


Nieuwemarkt 11, 3011HP Rotterdam

Breakaway Cafe

The Breakaway Café is a cocktail bar located just a few steps from the central station. Here we find a typical American atmosphere with a Harley Davidson behind the bar, a yellow school bus, pool tables, etc. The cocktails are prepared with care and really delicious. The bar also has a restaurant part, which serves very nice burgers.


Cocktails: €8.80

Alcohol-free Cocktails: €5.60

Beer: Around €4

Soft: €2.60

Burger: Around €12


Karel Doormanstraat 1 Central Plaza, 3012GD Rotterdam

Publicus Locus

We are in a totally different atmosphere here, with the bar Locus Publicus. Here, a pub atmosphere, wood from the floor to the ceiling, and a huge fireplace (for the atmosphere is great, but after you smell like bacon for 3 days). Here we find an impressive selection of beers (more than 200!) and a cosy atmosphere, perfect for a nice evening with friends.


Beer: 4-5 € la pinte

Soft: €3


Oostzeedijk 364, 3063CD Rotterdam

Bonus: Biergarten

The Beergarten is an open-air bar, especially nice (but crowded) in the summer. It is located next to a club, so there are many people that go there for a drink (or more), before going to danse all night long. The bar also offers live music on Friday night. There is a very good atmosphere, but the place is often crowded on the weekend. The bar is also located in a neighborhood where you can find a lot of street art works, so it’s the perfect place to stop for a drink before continue with your exploration.


Beer: Around €6.50

Soft: €3


Schiestraat 18, 3013BR Rotterdam

If you are visiting Rotterdam, you are sure to have a good time at one of these six bars. In addition, most of them are located in lively neighborhoods where you can continue the evening in dancing bars or clubs. So, when are we going to have a drink?

NB: All photos from this article, apart from the cover photo, are not from me. They come for most of the official sites of the establishments. Find the source of each image by clicking on it. 

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